A many years' research programme on plasma produced by lasers, accomplished at the Institute of Plasma Physics and Laser Microfusion (IPPLM) by the Division of Laser-Produced Plasma (DLPP) in collaboration with foreign teams, is directed towards the study and applications of laser-generated plasmas including investigation of laser-induced fusion (IFE). 

Apart from a national program activity, the Division participates in international projects such as HiPER, IAEA, ESF COST, SILMI), LASERLAB-EUROPE, EURATOM (IFE “keep-in-touch” Activity). As every scientific centre with rich traditions and wide aspirations, the Division continues collaboration with prestigious European laboratories which is an integral and important part of the R&D activity of the Division.

Not numerous staff of the DLPP consists of several experienced scientists with an excellent reputation and young PhD students and researchers carrying out research programme and achieving results at the international level. It is accompanied by the constant development of the young scientific staff which is reflected by the PhD degrees acquired.

For the investigation of sophisticated laser plasma physics phenomena and possible application of laser and plasma techniques, some advanced lasers and measuring apparatus is developed and applied (Equipment, RPO-WM project).

The results of works performed in the Division are presented in important international journals

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